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Enjoy your day! 

Oh and you know who drinks beer before a marathon?


because i can and its fun and i had off today and thats what people do! (p.s. I had like 3 and i STILL ran like hell)

And why do we do that? Because F YOU THATS WHY. We’re not people who don’t sit around thinking about what mean thing to write on tumblr next. Jesus Christ I can’t even think of a time I had to deal with internet drama bullshit.

Like, I would say that me writing these rants, put me back a few years into highschool…..but i never dealt with this shit in highschool so i dont know how to handle this ?!?! We honestly never did that shit ever. 

And I’m so sleepy, and so tired, and emotionally exhausted and wiped out and frustrated. Like, of course I couldnt just have a great day today with two people that mean the world to me. Of course a fucking miserable thing had to happen and rain all over it. Why enjoy a Saturday off?

And I hope this person knows, that they affected the wrong person. The last couple of months, all those MEAN tumblr posts, FB posts, everything, it hit ME. It was a bunch of “whatevers, shes stupid and immature” ‘s from her, but it hurt ME so badly. 

Why are people so MEAN to eachother??? I don’t give a SHIT what she did, she never intended to hurt anyone so why should it matter?! 

This was supposed to be a 2 paragraph thing and its turning into a shitshow. I am officially a 14 year old girl with a blog and no life yayayay.


That’s it
I really think I have to change my URL because I am literally being STALKED on here by ex friends

Gunna have to change more than your url sweetheart. 

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Lol, seriously.

Yeah seriously Jessica. Sooooo serious. Sooo so so sooo serious. I’m done Jess. These posts have got to stop. I cannot take reading about that anymore. Even if you defend yourself and say its not about her (which majority clearly are), I’m done. Yeah, you have a right to say what you want because “shes the worst person ever” or whatever, but oh my goddddd I can’t anymore. I really liked you and thought you were awesome but seeing as how incredibly MEAN you are, its over. You can continue your tumblr war with your posts but I would much rather call you or something. This ends NOWWWW

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There is is literally nothing I fucking hate more than bullies

Anyone who tries to make other people feel like shit about themselves, for WHATEVER reason, I don’t give a shit what it is….. they WILL have a fucking issue with me.

I am RAGING right now, because now its personal. 

Say all you want about me, I don’t care, but then try and hurt the ones I love, its over.

And I know everyone says that, literally everyone, but what I noticed in the last few years, is that I’m the only one who has ever really done anything about it face to face, or over the phone because they won’t face me.

I’ve ignored it long enough. The stabs, the insults, the text posts, but now I’m done, I’m really fucking done. Forget avoiding drama, because apparently thats all you’re asking for. You want drama I will give you drama.

All I can say is, brace yourself, because you are about to get what you have been asking for. 

I hope you read this. Oh my GOD I hope you read this. You don’t want her to just be happy and live her life? You can’t just move on and let things go? You have to be a psycho bitch and insult SOME GIRLS LOOKS TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF?!?!?! Gunna stoop to that level??? Ok cool, I can play that game. 

All moved in!

Brand new apartment in Brooklyn with a rooftop =D

Right by the park, bar, restaurant, liquor store, cafe, and the train station… 

Probably making a huge mistake, but thats what the early 20’s are for, right?

I believe in the sand beneath my toes
The beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling
I believe in the faith that grows
And the four right chords can make me cry
When I’m with you I feel like I could die
And that would be alright, alright



At home with Harrison Ford, 1978 

The only valid reason to time travel is to go back to the 1970’s and bang Harrison Ford. There is no other decent reason.  Fuck historical events! No, fuck Harrison Ford.

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The world has changed and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best. And sometimes the best we can do is to start over.

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do you ever just read one little thing that kills you inside

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